King William the Generous was the grandson of King Gregor and Queen Maria and descendant of King Benjamin the Gardener. As he is stated to have been Malcolm's cousin, he was likely the son of Floreen and Johannes or possibly Victor and an unknown spouse, but the game does not specify which. He married Katherine, daughter of Kallak, and in time they had a son together, Brandon.

William and Malcolm were best friends for many years, and Malcolm was appointed court jester by William himself.

One day William and the Queen were stabbed to death. Malcolm was blamed and imprisoned without trial, as his hands had been grasping the blade that murdered the royal couple , his supposed motive being that he was corrupted by power and sought to seize the Kyragem.

Malcolm, however strongly denies it in the third game (unless in lie mode) and William's ghost after the seance is performed confirms that Malcolm was not guilty. William's ghost explains that a curse was placed on the knife and if anyone of royal Kyrandian blood handles the knife, they will be stabbed to death by it. William then tells of the events leading up to his death, of how he and Malcolm had been alone in the dining room enjoying roasted pheasant, when he (William) had picked up the knife which was a recent gift from an anonymous "admirer",. William then shows a flashback which proves Malcolms innocence and tells Kallak that he owes Malcolm an apology.