The Order of Royal Mystics was a group created by Queen Thelia the Strict in a time where the magic from the Kyragem was abused. The Order's purpose was to organize and control all magic.

The first members were chosen among those stone masons who possessed knowledge of various forms of magic, and Quene Thelia established the 4 mystical disciplines of Alchemy, Spirituality, Scrolls, and Gem Lore.

The Royal Mystics celebrate their humble origins each year with the Festival of Mortar, which is believed to be the luckiest week of the year.

When King Benjamin the Gardener started re-creating the forests that had been destroyed by the invaders during his uncle's reign, the Order assisted him by installing many of the magical natural wonders that remained thenceforth.

When Malcolm usurped the throne and seized the Kyragem, he was trapped inside Castle Kyrandia by chief Kallak. Denied further access to the Kyragem, and with scarce reserves, the Royal Mystics were unable to replenish their magical stores. They were forced to disassemble protective enchantements each time to maintain the spell which restrained Malcolm.