The Kyragem is an enormous gem, gift of the Other Kingdom to the Kingdom of Kyrandia. It grew from the ground where King William I stood, as a symbol of their sacred convenant of cooperation.

The Kyragem concentrated the magic powers (whereas magic exist only an unconnected temporary fragments), making Kyrandia the human kingdom with the stongest magic.

Its powers were originally limited to maintain its protecting covering. Their first uses were to help the stone masons who built the vault to house it. Then it was used in the building of Castle Kyrandia. The craftsmen were the first who learned to use this magic, but this knowledge grew with their descendants, and the use of magic was expanded to other applications, eventually even for simple tasks. For this reason, the Order of Royal Mystics was appointed by Queen Thelia the Strict to organize and control the magic from the Kyragem.

Soon the Kyragem became the reason why nearby nations became jealous of Kyrandia's prosperity and declared war. Kyrandia suffered brutal attacks for years, since King Bernard IV was reluctant to use magic as an offensive weapon. Eventually he employed the gem to turn the invaders against the evil of their own commanders. That way Kyrandia's neighboring lands began friendly alliances thenceforth.

The Kyragem was seized by usurper Malcolm, who in turn was trapped in the Castle by a magical seal made by Kallak. This however made the Kyragem unaccessible to the Order, whose magic reserves became scarce.