Kallak is the leader of the Order of Royal Mystics and specialises in Gemlore. His daughter was Queen Katherine, married to King William the Generous and his grandson was Brandon.

When Malcolm murdered the royal couple and seized the Kyragem, Kallak created a magical seal that prevented Malcolm from leaving Castle Kyrandia.


Fearing for Brandon's safety, Kallak left the palace and raised young Brandon in a rural area beyond the Timbermist woods far away from the castle now inhabited by the captive usurper Malcolm. Kallak raised and protected Brandon inside a hollow tree house, and kept him ignorant of his royal status.

When Malcolm escaped and became a threat, he wrote a message of warning to Brynn, along with instructions to guide Brandon in acquiring the Amulet, and to seek the aid of Darm and Zanthia. However before he could send it to Brynn, Malcolm came and turned him into stone.