Jessica is an apprentice wizard from Miltonia. She is sent to Volcania in hopes of finding a way to end the rain of frogs that happens in Miltonia every summer, She meets Zanthia while they are both searching for a path to the center of the world.

Jessica is friendly enough towards Zanthia at first, and shows some interest in King Brandon. However later when Zanthia finally reaches the anchor stone, Jessica shows up, roughly pushing Zanthia aside and causing her to fall over, then takes a stone for herself. She then tells Zanthia to "come on and try" after Zanthia calls her a bimbo in retaliation, and says she thinks Zanthia is "chicken". Marko unexpectedly opens a portal interrupting the confrontation, and Jessica opens a portal of her own and leaves soon after, commenting to Zanthia that Marko is cute as she leaves.