Darm is a royal mystic and Master of Scrolls living in a hut in the Timbermist Woods with his dragon Brandywine. He scolds her for eating cats. Once, Brandywine carried him through the Kyrandia Day 3-leg relay race and they won the last year's trophy.

Darm 1

He seems to be a bit senile or at least easily confused and distracted, often leading to his dragon Brandywine stepping in to clarify what he means or just roll her eyes and explain it herself. He also appears to be at least slightly deaf as he repeatedly fails to hear Brandon's name correctly. He calls him Pancer, Hanson, Branson, Brynton, Brocolli and Brindon at different times.

Darm's magic speciality being scrolls, Darm first asks Brandon to find him a quill, and once Brandon does, writes an enchantment into a scroll for a snow spell .Prior to Brandons return Darm had attempted to summon Brandon's birthstones for him but the spell went awry and the stones ended up scattered all over the Timbermist woods,so Darm sends Brandon off to find them.

After Brandon returns with the flute, Darm directs him to find Zanthia in Faeriewood.

Darm and Brandywine both disappear if you try to return to them after finding Zanthia, but you can later find Darm in the castle if you find his old room. Like Kallak, he has been turned to stone. There is no sign of Brandywine.


Darm is restored at the end after Malcolm is defeated, along with the other Mystics.

He is seen in the intro to the second game, looking through books of records Brandywine is passing down from the high shelves as the mystics scramble for an answer as to why Kyrandia is literally vanishing and a way to stop it. At one point Darm throws down a book in frustration and accidentally hits Brandywine over the head. she glares at him and Darm grins back sheepishly in response. Later he is seen nodding thoughtfully and then joining in applauding the Hands plan to save Kyrandia.