His Royal Highness Brandon, King of Kyrandia, Defender of the Kyragem, Vanquisher of Malcolm, Patron of the Arts, Wearer of the Sandal, and Majority Stock Owner and CEO of Timbermist Casual Footwear, Inc, is the son of King William the Generous and Queen Katherine.

When he was still a baby, his parents were assassinated, and his grandfather Kallak secretly took young Brandon in a rural area beyond the Timbermist woods far away from Castle Kyrandia. He was raised in a hollow tree house, kept ignorant of his royal status.

Malcolm however returned and Brandon found his grandfather turned into stone. He sought the help of Brynn, Darm and Zanthia to build the powers of the Amulet. He recovered the royal relics and defeated Malcolm. He then sanctioned sandals as the official footwear of his kingdom.